‘My fellow Americans. Our worst fears have come true. They have unleashed the Plague to end all plagues upon us. They have turned our technology, our protection against us. There is only one way to stop this. I hope that enough of you survive the coming cataclysm to forgive me, to forgive us for failing you. May I suggest that you pray to God, in whatever way you keep him and hold your family close. I promise you this: our vengeance is already begun. God bless America, God save us all.’
Final address to the Nation by the last President of United America, Esperanza Rosario.

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    Traffic congestion can lead to a loss of 200 billion euros
    The mobility of goods is an essential component of the EU internal market; this greatly contributes to the competitiveness of the industry and services in Europe. The types of lengthy transportation as railway can reduce their costs, which arise in connection with the traffic congestion on the roads. The increase of approximately 50% is projected by the year 2050, reaching a volume of almost 200 billion euros per year.

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