Subject: Davidson, Jack Arnold. Beacon ID: 63956294628179 Age: 43 years. Place of Birth: Outpost Helios Orientation: Breeder. Select for Eugenics: Negative–compulsory sterilisation. IQ: 112. Fitness rating: D, sub nominal for assignment. Height: 5’ 8’ Weight: 178 lbs Current assignment: Kensakan. Rank: Senior Inspector. Temple Standing: Petitioner Nominal. EEQ: 59 (-2 over last year). Rec Allowance: Expended. Sanctions: Subject to Kensakan Internal Review for substance and sexual conduct violations. Note suspected retention of confiscated contraband. Low priority investigation, within expected kensakan malfeasance limits. Promotion within Assignment: Negative. Reason: Denial reports posted by supervising Moderator: Gangleri, Valko Casper. See appendices. Children: None, confirmed prior to sterilisation at age 27. Current location: In transit.’
From Centra Autorita records.

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