StarShipSofa is now featuring my audio short story Out of the Blue, Into the Black, narrated by Pixie Willow

I’m excited to announce that episode 551 of StarShipSofa is featuring my short story Out of the Blue, Into the Black in its entirety, narrated by the very talented Pixie Willow. You can listen to the episode here:

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Mercury’s Son — HAS JUST BEEN PICKED UP BY CROSSROAD PRESS! Re-release will follow soon.

” 4.5/5 – MERCURY’S SON by Luke Hindmarsh is a Blade Runner-esque dystopian science fiction tale about conspiracies, technology, religious fanatics, and a series of gruesome murders. In other words, it is a book that is exactly up my alley. How much did I enjoy it? I enjoyed so much I’ve read it twice.” BOOKNEST.EU

“***** Bladerunner meets Memento” – C.T. Phipps, Bestselling author of The Rules of Supervillainy.

Valko can see the last moments of a victim’s life.

It comes at a price – a scrap of flesh cut from his brain and replaced with an implant. Bound to a drug that lets him use his insight but brings with it the pain of synthetic emotion, he’s at war with himself.

Now a killer has found a way to hide from him and two people are dead. Someone wants to keep their secrets buried. The trail leads out into the wasteland where death flies on the wind as nanotech dust.

Manipulated and betrayed, Valko must get to the truth before his time runs out.

If he only knew who to trust maybe he’d have a chance, but a man with an artificial soul can’t even trust himself…

Listen to Chapter 1 (split into two parts), read by me. A full audiobook with professional narration is in the works…

Part 1

Part 2

US Kindle and Paperback 

UK Kindle and Paperback

3:33 — Out soon

The story of Vicky, a nurse, and Jack, the guitarist in a two-bit band. Their lives are drawn together by tragedy but hanging over them is the shadow of Jack’s dead twin brother. A cautionary tale about the dangers of opening the mind too far and what may try to get in and the extent to which a person can go to for the ones they love…

In the pipeline

Three sequels to Mercury’s Son, forming a quartet called the Counsel of Daedalus; One Text–a suspense story about a family camping trip with dark intentions; Starborn–a standalone or series about a youth born between the stars to a society where this is a crime; A Walk in Suicide Woods–a suspense novel about a business man’s trip to Japan and what he brings back; Yule–a subversion of the Father Christmas/Santa myth. And about another dozen more not yet named but just left brewing in the back of my mind…

Who am I?

Author of Mercury’s Son–a dystopian and thought-provoking sci-fi thriller, described by one reader as “bursting with invention and ideas”–and the soon to be released 3:33–written past the witching hour and filled with enough creepiness that I had to turn the light on to rush across the landing to bed most nights I wrote it.

You can find Mercury’s Son on Amazon at the links above. Look out for a sample from 3.33 in the near future. But be warned! You might find yourself swept away to a future where you cannot trust yourself… or in sudden need of a night light! Before I gave up the real world for the darkness of the future and the graveyard chill of suspense, I worked as a Criminal Barrister in London for ten years. That doesn’t qualify me for making a good coffee, but it does mean that I saw the dirty, grimy and sometimes downright nasty side of humanity on a daily basis–and believe it or not, I have done an ‘axe murderer’ trial! Luckily, I love the human race, so while you’ll see the taint of my time as a lawyer, there’s hope in the pages I write too. I have a brighter side–my two young children who inspire me to stop writing on a daily basis to spend time playing the fool for them and my wife who tolerates the madness of my working life. Which is to say, she only tells me to stop talking about writing once an hour. I also teach Shinseido Karate, which is a traditional Okinawan system derived from Shorin Ryu Karate. Shinseido followed the tradition of taking its name from the senior teacher of the system–my dear friend and mentor Shinsei-sensei. The joys of this system are that it’s been tested in the real world–in the streets and in a ward for the extremely violent, criminally insane. So when I write action–which happens when it’s called for–, you can be sure it comes from my own experience and knowledge helped by the candid accounts of fellow instructors and students and given gritty realism from the sheer number of stabbings, shootings and punch-ups I dealt with in my previous career. Finally, when I’m back on this planet and my pulse isn’t racing with fear–I rock out on the guitar and burn off some nervous energy weight training or riding my motorcycle.